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Frequently asked questions

What are the differences between ScriptX 6 and ScriptX 7

ScriptX 7 can be deployed via Microsoft Windows Installer (MSI) either as part of the Zeepe framework or via its own .MSI script.

ScriptX 7 is functionally identical to ScriptX 6.

To allow for the new install system, ScriptX 7 utilises new class ids and appids for all components, thus enabling the system to exist 'side-by-side' with ScriptX 6 installs.

We strongly recommend that the new HTML element based declaration for ScriptX is used rather than the <object> element

How do I use the new html elements within Internet Explorer?

Elements other than the user interface elements (rebar, toolbar etc), can also be used within Internet Explorer if the zeepe: namespace is declared:

If it is known that the (full) Zeepe framework is already installed, the framework includes a namespace object that can be used:

	<html xmlns:zeepe>
      	<object id="zbfactory" classid="clsid:6BFE3080-45AC-4649-9780-2A64795981F7">
      	<?import namespace="zeepe" implementation="#zbfactory" />
      	<zeepe:scriptx />
      	<zeepe:window name="ieControl" />

This is especially useful in a Zeepe Application startup page that will be hyperlinked from an html page displayed in Internet Explorer. Note that there is no cab based installation for the object declared above, and hence no codebase can be given - it must already reside on the client machine by means of the Zeepe framework having been installed.

How do I uninstall Zeepe 7?

To uninstall Zeepe, use Control Panel|Add Remove Programs. Locate the entry for the MeadCo Zeepe Framework and use the Remove button. If the MeadCo Setup control has been installed, choose Tools from the Internet Explorer menu, then Internet Options.... From the Temporary Internet files section, choose Settings... and then choose View objects.... Finally, locate the MeadCo Zeepe Setup control, right click on it and select Remove.