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A selection of "So what?" descriptive snippets for easy recycling:

Zeepe 7 brings quick & easy custom windowing and access to "Windows native" user interface controls to web designers and developers working on the Windows platform.

Every Windows web application can now be moved out of the browser and into Zeepe 7 windows, quickly and at nominal cost. The immediate benefits - greater security, control, productivity and user comfort - are compelling.

The release of Zeepe 7 means that it's no longer necessary to deploy "a browser on every desktop" for your Windows users to work with web applications. Search the web for a combination of "lost productivity", "time wasting" and "browser" to see how a wholesale move to Zeepe could save $$ millions.

From Seybold 2003: "There are 13 million Web designers and developers worldwide who need to learn about the latest and greatest publishing tools." With the release of Zeepe 7, MeadCo is encouraging every one of them to download the Zeepe SDK and a free-of-charge Zeepe development license and get started.

If you are using Internet Explorer as the presentation platform for your web based applications you should move to Zeepe 7 windows NOW: